Welcome to iVacation500.com. We are booking vacation accommodation in a unique way, focusing on social media as the main marketing tool. We want one independent referral agent to join our team in each city/town in the US, Canada, Germany, and the UK. When we find that individual, they will have booking exclusivity in their region.

When a website visitor requests availability, their inquiry will be directed to the nearest referral agent. The referral agent will communicate through email with the visitor. The request for availability will be emailed (by the referral agent) to the accommodation supplier (ie Myrtle Beach). The accommodation supplier will reply to the referral agent with the response to their request. If the unit is not available, the accommodation supplier will offer one or two alternatives. This information is emailed the referral agent and the referral agent will then email the details to the website visitor.
The website visitor will then decide whether or not to confirm. If they decide to confirm, they will complete a form that will be emailed to the referral agent who will forward to our partner travel agency. The agency will take over at that point and the referral agent will be given credit for the booking. Referral agents do not have to handle money. All bookings will be handled by one of our partner travel agencies.

Referral agents will market through their social media network. With each referral agent pushing through social media, our google presence will grow, as will the number of online inquiries.

Each referral agent will have their own website, built by iVacation500. An email address will be assigned to each referral agent. Blogs will be remotely loaded to the referral agent’s website on a regular basis. There will also be a video section on the referral agent website that directs their visitors to the youtube channel. Our youtube channel host, Liza, will be loading videos on a weekly basis featuring iVacation500.com rental properties and destinations. All referral agents will encourage subscribership to the youtube channel.
A referral agent may decide to work with a friend or two (as a team in their city or town). This will increase the number of contacts in their social media network. You may use commissions to go to one of the destinations each year (on a discount).

1. Commission are paid for each booking made by the referral agent contact.
2. Referral agents will have access to special agent discounts on accommodation. These discounts will be emailed periodically.
3. Referral agents can earn extra income without having to leave their home.
4. The website is hosted and managed for each referral agent.
5. As the company grows, so will the profile of the referral agent in their city or town.